La Route des Grands Crus


A contemporary of the first paid holidays of 1936, the Route des grands crus has invented wine tourism, a new way of traveling.

Created in 1937 by the Côte-d'Or County Council, it is the oldest wine route in France and the first to have opened the way for the discovery of a vineyard. With the democratization of the car and leisure travel, it has acquired a reputation that has gone well beyond France's borders. Its itinerary crosses 37 legendary villages and two cities, Dijon and Beaune, of an immense patrimonial richness.


Assets cleverly put forward by the actors, professionals and politicians, between the two wars. Revisiting the very old Burgundian wine tradition going back to the great Benedictine and Cistercian medieval abbeys, the winegrowers of the 1930s wanted to give back their acclaim to their profession. In 1934, shaken by the crisis, they founded in Nuits-Saint-Georges, the Brotherhood of Knights Tastevin.


Others will follow in the 60's. Since 1938, the Saint-Vincent Tournante, which they organize every winter, has attracted a new audience, attracted by the tourist route and its cultural vitality. The wine tourism was already drawing.