Optimize your preparation with Cryo Soft!

Preparing for a race also involves recovery... Discover Cryo Soft!

La Mobile by Cryo Soft is a cryotherapy cabin where you immerse yourself in a dry cold at very low temperature for a few moments. It will be present on the day of the marathon, but you can already enjoy its benefits.

It will optimize your preparation by reducing your aches and pains and improving your recovery time. Recovery is an essential and not negligible element of your training.

That is why the Marathon des Grands Crus offers you preferential rates:

- 25€ per session on the day of the event.

- 80€ for 5 sessions to be done before, on the D-day or after the event

- 160€ for 10 sessions before, on or after the event

Don't hesitate any longer and try the experience!

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